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Tree Plantation

Tree plantation services can help you identify the right trees to plant that can really help the biodiversity around the area as well. Even if you are just an individual wanting to plant a few saplings, tree plantation services can help.

Along with the years of experience that Pennicuick has, we can help you conduct your tree plantation drive anywhere in Cumbum and can even plant trees on behalf of you. All we need you to do is have reasonable budget to conduct such tree plantation.


As water is vital to plant health, innovative watering systems take the hassle out of watering manually. We undertake Auto / Manual drip irrigation, and Sprinklers system installation and maintenance work with technically qualified persons & use of professional grade quality materials.

We Customise systems to save water by watering plants, avoiding the obstacles and paths. We make sure all the plants have consistent moisture and sufficiently watered without wastage for your most beautiful blooms and elegant lawn.

Gross Topping

We promotes healthy growth of plants and flowers, at a suitable height and form, pruned in accordance with good horticultural practices as well as preferences of the clients. From deciding the planting designs, supply of plants, feeding and manuring tochoosing the right plants, pennycuick does it all.

For all this, we consider certain important aspects like knowing the soil type, amount of light reaching the flower beds, theme of the garden and so on..


To keep plants and trees healthy after planting it is vitally important to keep them sufficiently watered so that they can establish themselves. We provide and install built in watering systems or we can provide you with a mobile, tractored water tanker to provide for those trees and plants that may be out of reach of your garden hose.

Please contact us to ask for details of pricing and watering needs for your plants.


We offer our consultancy services for the complete landscape areas and fruit farms. We analyze the soil and site conditions, suggest with our team of horticulturists, landscape designers, crop/plant researchers and other relevant experts on how to develop a landscape or maintain it.

We give approximate costing's, bill of quantity, expenditure, concepts, ideas, guided tutorials etc. as per the site premises.

Fall Cleanup

The services involved in yard clean-up are dependent on the season. For fall clean-ups the focus will be on performing the tasks involved in putting your garden “to bed” for the winter.

This usually includes raking leaves and pine needles and disposing of them, removing any dead or diseased plants to prevent a recurrence in spring, discouraging an environment for invasive insects that go to ground in winter, amending the soil if necessary, adding mulch or other insulation materials.

Flower Nursery

We have the widest range of Plants for sale, which include Annuals & Biennials, Perennials, Flowering shrubs, Ornamental Shrubs, Flowering & ornamental trees, creepers & ground coverings growing in healthy conditions at very large scale of 30 acres at Shadanagar farm.

Pre sently, we also grow 1 to 1.5 lac sft of best quality of Korean Carpet grass, & other varieties of grasses which are readily available. .

Hedge Cutting

We are fully qualified tree surgeons, and are happy to help you with every aspect of garden work; one-off garden clearance, site tidy up, hedge size reduction, fence repairs, stump removal, and much more.

Our fully trained and qualified gardeners and tree surgeons have years of experience. We care about customers, and help them make the most out of their garden. We are reliable, professional, and fair.